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Supporting innovative startups and SMEs in their impact creation through sustainability consulting.

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Our services range from Market Analysis and Benchmarking to Consumer Research and Sustainability Assessments. Our team of talented students takes careful care of delivering excellence.

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Lighthouse is a student NGO gathering over 50 selected associates from 5 ESCP campuses across Europe. Representing 13 different nationalities, our talented students bring a plurality of perspectives and ideas into their work. We offer quality services drawing on our sustainability expertise and resources

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At Lighthouse, we believe that SMEs have a key role to play
in the change towards a
non-carbonated future.

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We aim to help SMEs and startups improve their sustainable impact by implementing the best CSR practices for their business model.

To do so, we offer a wide range of consulting services in the area of corporate sustainability, including: market analysis, consumer research, trend identification and life cycle assessment.

Latest Reports


Can Blockchain Have A Low Carbon Footprint?

Despite the high potential of blockchain, there are some doubts about the scalability of this technology caused by its high energetic demand, which represents a huge threat to the environment. Measuring the energy use and the carbon footprint of cryptocurrencies is extremely difficult, due to the distributed network of miners, the type of mining equipment used, and the different energy sources. 

In this report, we explore the many ways Blockchain uses energy and whether it is possible for the technology to be more sustainable.

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world ocean day report:

Igniting Urgent Change

As the planet’s power source and lungs, the oceans play a significant role for the maintenance of a healthy biodiversity and of all life on earth. However, in spite of their importance, our oceans are constantly under threat from human activities.

In honour of this year’s World Ocean Day, Lighthouse delves into ocean pollution, as well as the actions taken by businesses and governments to cope with such problems.

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