Electric Car & AI

We all know that the electric vehicle revolution is accelerating throughout the world, and there are a variety of models on the market. Within the next five years, electric cars are predicted to reach price parity with traditional combustion-engine vehicles, thanks in large part to the involvement of artificial intelligence. By hastening improvements in battery technology, AI is set to offer electric cars a boost. 

Between 2020 and 2026, the AI in Automotive Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 35%, according to global market projections. Many EV players are testing self-driving EVs to gather data, analyze, and repair Electric Vehicles, and AI is widely used in manufacturing, assembly lines, and many EV players are testing AI in manufacturing, assembly lines.

Battery performance is an important consideration in every element of a vehicle’s life. The battery stands for 25% of the total cost of an electric car, and nothing is more crucial than boosting battery life when it comes to EV advancements. Artificial intelligence has helped dreams come true, such as charging an electric car in the time it takes to refuel at a petrol station, and it may also assist improve other aspects of battery technology. The worldwide battery industry is fast expanding in size.

AI is playing a crucial role in the EV industry, with applications like as autonomous driving, user behavior monitoring, and intelligent navigation systems. It may be utilized for a variety of safety applications, including equipment predictive maintenance, driver behavior tracking, and transportation security. Artificial Intelligence is being used by a variety of organizations in their cars; some are using it to replace present transportation systems with self-driving solutions, while others are using it to improve the battery power of their electric vehicles.



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