Green Pea: The World’s First Green Retailer

Green Pea, the world’s first green retail park, has opened in the Lingotto area of Turin, the Farinetti family’s sustainable, green shopping centre. The building that houses it is its consistent manifesto; designed by ACC Naturale Architettura Cristiana Catino and Negozio Blu Architetti, it puts natural materials and new technologies at the service of sustainability: nothing is wasted, everything can have a second life. The wood used for the building was collected from the leftovers of a storm a few years priori in the forests of the Trentino Val di Fiemme and Bellunese, while the foundational structure is made of 100% recycled metal.

Even the shape of the top floor was conceptualized with sustainability in mind, allowing for quick climatic adaptation in order best distribute solar energy. This specific design is great for energy use reduction. The retailer combines several methods of renewable energy to fuel the building and shops within: geothermal energy, photovoltaic panels, wind turbines and the floors capture the kinetic energy generated from passersby. All these work together to ensure that Green Pea hits the NZEB (Nearly Zero Energy Building) classification. Green Pea also committed to biodiversity on their premises by growing greenery within the façade of the building and the terraces of the park.

This first green and sustainable shopping centre houses shops, shops, but also a gym, a starred restaurant, a museum, bars and wine bars. You can buy high fashion or a car, take out an electricity contract, work on your laptop in a park or take a dip in a panoramic swimming pool suspended on the roof with a view of the centre of Turin and the Alps. All in an ecological and conscious way.



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