Green Transition Recommendations

On June 16 this year, the European Union Council adopted a series of recommendations aimed at “ensuring a fair transition towards climate neutrality” for all organisations and businesses within the Union. This adoption follows that of the Green Deal, a set of proposals whose overarching goal is to see Europe become the first climate-neutral continent. Member States are working towards:

  • no net emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050
  • economic growth decoupled from resource use
  • no person and no place left behind

The recommendations are only one of the many other actions taken by the EU to deliver on the Green Deal. To understand what this recent adoption means for European businesses, we have summarized the 56 pages document. The outlined objectives of the recommendations include creating a “fair” transition to an environmentally sustainable economy, leaving no one behind, and for Member States to adopt and implement policies specifically addressing the employment and social aspects of the transition. 

The policies recommended for Member States, related to businesses and employment, highlight: 

  1. Addressing people most affected by the green transition, with an emphasis on people made vulnerable by it, through effective employment support. 
  2. Promoting entrepreneurship, especially related to the circular economy, woman-led entrepreneurship, and in a manner that supports disadvantaged groups.
  3. Analysing the transition’s health and safety impacts at work, as well as implementing existing working condition improvement rules.
  4. Promote socially responsible public procurement practices.
  5. Learning for sustainability; provide accessible education and training of quality, with skills relevant to the green transition, including upskilling and reskilling for adults. 
  6. Supporting paid apprenticeship with a focus on SMEs and sectors with skills-shortages.
  7. Providing incentives for private investments into renewable energy sources and energy efficiency.

Other recommendations tackle issues specific to individuals and households, as well as define a few next steps to strengthen the fair transition into a green economy. If Member States take up the proposed policies, we can expect a gradual increase in support on social sustainability, employment, green financing and the development of “green” skills. 


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