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Green Profile: Yvon Chouinard

Yvon Chouinard is an American rock climber, environmentalist, philanthropist, and outdoor industry businessman. His company, Patagonia, is known for its commitment to protecting the environment. Chouinard is also a surfer, kayaker, and falconer and is particularly fond of tenkara fly-fishing. He has written about climbing issues and ethics and on mixing environmentalism and business. Chouinard […]

Green Profile: Sir David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough, an English broadcaster, author and biologist, has been one of the world’s most prominent environmentalists for over half a century. Born in 1926, he began his television career in 1952, when he joined the BBC. His first show, Zoo Quest, was a large success, as he provided a new way of bringing […]

Green Profile: Wangari Maathai

Wangari Maathai, a Kenyan biologist who passed away in 2011, is the first African woman to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004. She received the distinction due to “her contribution to the cause of sustainable development.”In 1976, Wangari started the Green Belt Movement, an organization that fights forest land consumption, aiming to engage […]

Green Transition Recommendations

On June 16 this year, the European Union Council adopted a series of recommendations aimed at “ensuring a fair transition towards climate neutrality” for all organisations and businesses within the Union. This adoption follows that of the Green Deal, a set of proposals whose overarching goal is to see Europe become the first climate-neutral continent. […]

Ocean Sustainability

As we celebrate World Ocean Day this year (June 8) we are reminded of the global importance of the ocean, which provides and supports the livelihood of 3 billion people annually according to the UN. This essential resource is a major key for our sustainable future and recognized as an SDG goal; so how are […]

Wind Turbines

Mountain landscape with 3 wind turbines during a sunset

Today, the worldwide wind power capacity is estimated at 840 GW (1). In comparison, Europe now has 236 GW of wind capacity and is expected to install 116 GW of new wind farms over the period from 2022-2026 (2). Thus, Europe is leading the transition towards renewable energies and the number of wind turbines worldwide […]

Nuclear Power

Top of a nuclear tower with smoke coming out of it.

Data from Statista as of October 31st, 2021, shows that there are 441 operable nuclear plants dislocated all over the world. The country with the largest number of nuclear reactors is USA (93), followed by France (56), China (51) and Russia (38). Nuclear power represents a huge opportunity as climate crisis continues to be a […]

Offsetting the Carbon Footprint

Driving, flying, and heating homes are examples of common activities that consume energy and emit carbon emissions. Carbon offsetting is a method of compensating for your emissions by sponsoring a carbon reduction elsewhere. Individuals and businesses may invest in environmental initiatives all around the world to offset their own carbon footprints through carbon offset programmes. […]

How to avoid confusion when reading Eco-labels – The fashion industry example

Over the last few years, the concepts “sustainable” and “corporate social responsibility” have gained a lot of traction. Businesses began to feel compelled to demonstrate that they employ sustainable practices and consequently, a slew of “Eco-labels” arose as a voluntary label to designate a product as ethically sound. What is the role of eco-labels then? […]