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Green Profile: Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio, who now stands at 43 years old and is most known for his role as Titanic’s Jack Dawson, has a cachet of around $25 million per film followed and a successful career as a producer. With his own financial backing and storytelling powers, DiCaprio is now able to devote himself even more strongly […]

Green Pea: The World’s First Green Retailer

Green Pea, the world’s first green retail park, has opened in the Lingotto area of Turin, the Farinetti family’s sustainable, green shopping centre. The building that houses it is its consistent manifesto; designed by ACC Naturale Architettura Cristiana Catino and Negozio Blu Architetti, it puts natural materials and new technologies at the service of sustainability: […]

Wind Turbines

Mountain landscape with 3 wind turbines during a sunset

Today, the worldwide wind power capacity is estimated at 840 GW (1). In comparison, Europe now has 236 GW of wind capacity and is expected to install 116 GW of new wind farms over the period from 2022-2026 (2). Thus, Europe is leading the transition towards renewable energies and the number of wind turbines worldwide […]