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The H&M Extended Experience

Zoomed in photo of the H&M store logo on top of a skyscrapper.

This year’s winners of the Future Retail Challenge of 2021 came right from ESCP: Delia Negri, Aurora Macchi and Diletta Sveva Tamagnone. The idea that led them to first place was guided by the transition to a more sustainable fashion industry with a focus on H&M stores.  We talked to Delia Negri about the group’s […]

Selfridges, a British chain of department stores, started to offer a Fashion Rental Service

In 2016, the global online clothing rental market was expected to expand at an annual growth rate of 9.8%, with a valuation of US$1.95 billion by 2026 (Future Marketing Insights, 2016). Due to the covid crisis, the retail and luxury industries took a nose-dive.  Against all odds, fashion rental has kept growing, including thanks to […]